3 Types of Hajj Packages in Pakistan

In 2019, there are different types of Hajj packages have been introduced for the people from Pakistan. Every year private sector hajj operators introduce the Short Hajj packages for the people who are willing to go to Hajj for less number of days. The price of Government packages is lower because they do not give VIP hajj package. For VIP Hajj, the majority of the people check the packages of the private sectors. The private agencies introduce a variety of Executive Hajj as per the category. People can choose the Executive Hajj packages as per their budget. This is the reason all the travel agencies have introduced several hajj Pakistan packages 2019 for all categories.

Some Important Hajj Packages

Before deciding the suitable Hajj packages, you should visit different agencies. They will guide you about it. You can book your places on the urgent basis because some agencies have limited seats for these Hajj Pakistan packages 2019. Some of the packages are given below.

  1. Short Hajj Packages

It is one of the most budget-friendly Hajj packages. The majority of the people choose these Short Hajj packages because these are available in the lowest price and shortest time. These packages allow you to perform your hajj by staying in Mecca, mina and Arafat. They provide all the services for these days. To keep you comfortable for your prayers they always help you make your journey convenient. In this package, you will be able to get the conveyance, stay and some other services from Mecca to Medina. The Short hajj packages do not contain food or any type of meal.

  1. VIP Hajj Package

If you need more facilities and want to perform VIP Hajj then you can go for VIP Hajj package.  It is more expensive than Short hajj packages and the government hajj packages. You can get more facilities in this package. Your stay in the hotel will be more comfortable and your hotel will be near to haram. Getting more facilities will make it a VIP Hajj. Your booking for Mina tents will be in the more comfortable area. You will get food facility in the VIP Hajj package. The seats for this package are limited as well.

  1. Executive Hajj Packages

It is a package that is introduced for the people who are willing to perform an Executive Hajj. It is less expensive as compared to the VIP Hajj package. You will get convenience and staying facility in this package. The majority of the people who has more budgets for Executive Hajj prefer this package. The seats are not as much limited for this package. So, you can apply for the Executive hajj packages with your family. Before, paying the amount for Executive hajj packages, you should check first the amenities. Why to pay extra for same things.

The Hajj Pakistan packages 2019 are different form the old ones. You should check your budget and take the information online before making any thing final. The price that the agency provides you is for a single person. Women need to go with Mehram. The Hajj Package for the other person is different.