Limousine is a vehicle that is known for its luxury and style. It is used by people on special occasions only because hiring one is comparatively expensive. It’s style and comfort are well known, but there are several things that are not known to most people.

The beginning of Limousine

Limousine was introduced in the beginning of the 19th century. At that time, its roof was only covered at the back and the compartment for driver was open. It introduced the concept of privacy in motor vehicles as there was a partition between the driver and passengers. It was it’s distinct feature that made it more attractive at that time.

Innovation in Design with Stretch Limo

Armbruster was the company that first introduced a stretch limo. The main concept behind that idea was to accommodate more people in one luxurious vehicle. Stretch limousines were named as “Big Band Bus” as it was used for transportation of famous bands of that time. Its luxury made it an appropriate choice for those brands as it also offered the capacity that was needed for their musical instruments. These stretch limousines were also used by airlines, tour service providers and luxurious hotels.

Air Conditioning as a game changer

First vehicles to offer air conditioning were limousines. At that time, it was considered as a luxury and people have to pay extra to book an air-conditioned limousine. Separate compartment with complete privacy made it an attractive choice for family and friends that want to have a good time throughout their tour.

Presidential Limousine

The presidential state limousine is a unique car that is equipped with all required defensive and offensive measures. It is made with the security standards defined by secret service which costs around $1.5 million and the newer model will cost more. It is Nicknamed as Beast. Limousine that not only has the required but is also bulletproof. This heavily armed and indestructible limo was used by previous presidents for making appearance on special occasions.

Length of longest limo

There were many models of limousines but the longest one made was measured nearly 100 feet. It was separated into sections and its design was customized to make the turns easy. With 26 wheels and its ultimate luxury make it an attractive option for people who wanted to have a unique travel experience. Its featuring in different movies gave it the name of “Never Ending limo” that was the true representative of its features.

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