Croatia is a Mediterranean gem boasting many hidden treasures

Croatia is a Mediterranean gem boasting many hidden treasures along its seemingly endless coastline, as well as a profusion of spectacular cruising opportunities. Croatia’s coast is speckled with dozens of magnificent islands that range from tiny, verdant and unpopulated to massive and arid, sporting ancient towns and villages.

Visitors to Croatia are typically impressed by the sheer beauty of this island country, represented by a combination of lush greenery, fantastic history, numerous UNESCO heritage sites, rich culture, fresh Mediterranean cuisine and a lively atmosphere. With hundreds of unspoiled islands along the Dalmatian coast, there are plenty of hideaways as well as vibrant hot-spots to choose from. Whether you are into a bustling night-life or secluded anchorages, Croatia has everything and anything for all. The Northern Adriatic and the Kornati Archipelago generally offer more serenity with the Southern Croatian coastline being livelier and more energetic.

To take advantage of this beautiful country and enjoy the itineraries it offers, there are certain practical guides you need to know. First, the local currency used in Croatia is Kan and major credit and debit cards are accepted in most banks and hotels, Sterling, US Dollars and Euros are easily exchanged for local currency. If you have to exchange your money, do so with credible exchangers or companies.

Although there are many eating options with water views, a visit to Lola Konoba & Bar, which is hidden up a stepped alley a short walk from the marina, may have you considering staying an extra night in port – its creative fusion dishes (a blend of Spanish and Croatian cooking) did just that, luring us back for a second sitting. The island of Sveti Klement is a particularly rich hunting ground, and offers the greatest options for shelter during high winds – it’s also home to the well run ACI Palmižana marina on its northeast coast. There are also a couple of great seafood restaurants on the island’s central north shore, which are accessible to boaters via jetties (for dinghies) and footpaths on both the south and north coast. The town ofbStari Grad is a place where people don’t come to party; rather they come to soak up the relaxed and cultured atmosphere. Antika, a restaurant that spreads over three areas of an ancient house and out into a pretty square is easily the best place to dine in town.

Island hopping is very common and certainly the finest way to explore the Croatian coast. With hundreds of unspoiled islands, beautiful marinas, historic cities, charming towns and inviting beaches, it’s no surprise that Croatia is rapidly increasing in popularity as a favoured charter destination. There are many ways of exploring this Eastern Mediterranean paradise, but there is only one way of exploring it in a true style, ultimate luxury and unprecedented comfort – and that is by means of a Croatia yacht charter.

An exciting and timeless destination, Croatia is welcoming more and more super yacht visitors to its day dreamy Dalmatian Coast each summer. Untouched islands are strewn across the glittering Adriatic waters and a multitude of anchorages beckon, making this glorious stretch of coastline simply unmissable. Out of a total of 1,185 islands, only 66 are inhabited and this means a yacht charter here will guarantee seclusion and privacy for that ‘get-away-from-it-all’ feel. Yet, the Dalmatian archipelgao is also extremely rich in variety, with many fabulous inlets, bays and beaches to be discovered, along with an abundance of picturesque harbours and medieval ports to explore.

While the attention of the yachting world is turned towards the Caribbean region, it is the perfect time to begin planning your summer yacht charter in the Mediterranean

For sailing, Croatia is ideal from late March to mid July and then from September to early November. Most of July and August are very busy on the Adriatic, both on the coastal roads necessary to get to the marinas and on the Adriatic Sea itself. Weather-wise (or more appropriately wind-wise) late July and August aren’t the best choice. Just before and after that, however, you can count on just the right wind for good sailing. If sailing in the winter be sure that you are chartering a boat with a heating system as blankets will not be enough from November to March. Normally you can swim in the sea from mid May to late September.

There are so many companies around the world that it makes it difficult to pick the one that might suit you. However, you can find out more about sailing in Croatia in Wikipedia, Tripadvisor, Yelp, or Lonely planet.  If you are interested in a private yachting vacation in the Adriatic, view all Croatia luxury charter yachts that are available for rent available at zizoo yacht charters.

When you are thinking about your holiday on the boat on Adriatic, it is good to know that at different periods are valid special offers and extra discounts. While you selecting charter offers and search for the appropriate boat for charter, boat charter price is an important part of charter criteria as well as discounts that can be offered for Yacht charter in Croatia. Two of the most popular discount is discount for Early Booking Reservation or First minute booking. You can save up to 10%-20% of charter price by reservation with early booking discount. Early booking Discount applies to all bookings of charter boats in Croatia, confirmed by the last day of January of the current year. Early Minute discount is generally higher if you book a boat by the end of December, for boat charter that begins next year. First minute is a great choice of available charter boats. Most of the boats are free because booking just beginning for the next charter season. This is the right time to book exactly what you want, with good discount.

All the tips gathered in this article will help you plan your sailing holiday in Croatia. However, to have an unforgettable getaway on the water, don’t waste any time and book your yacht charter now to sail in Croatia. You’ll be glad you did!