Pune: Diversity in Tourism

The South Indian city of Bangalore, or Bengaluru, is the capital of the state of Karnataka. Owing to its contribution as the IT capital of the country, the city is often regarded as the Silicon Valley of India. Pune is good city for a small vacation to unwind.

Another beautiful city you must visit is Pune. Often regarded as the ‘Oxford of the East’ for the number and quality of higher education institutions found there, Pune is also a cultural hub, visited by Indian and international tourists. In addition to their cosmopolitan nature, Bangalore and Pune have other things in common too, such as their recognition as being among the ‘Most Liveable Cities in India.’ It is no surprise then that people often attempt to compare the cities, sometimes by visiting them both. Bangalore to Pune flights are regular, affordable and provide the quickest route from one city to the other.

If you ever plan on taking a trip to Pune, the following are a few of the things that are bound to make your trip memorable.

Unwind after a tiring day

If after a day of intense sightseeing, all you want to do is relax without whiling away your time at a hotel, you could try visiting some of the parks in Pune. The Katraj Snake Park, for example, offers visitors a chance to stroll around while learning something new about the different species of reptiles, birds, and turtles that it houses.

Another way to relax without having to tire yourself out at all is by visiting the Osho Ashram in the city. This Ashram spreads over 32 acres of land and allows its guests to try their hands at meditation and yoga, leaving them feeling renewed and rejuvenated after. Entry into the ashram is quite rigorous, and visitors are advised to carry valid IDs and passport photos with them. Staying at the ashram also requires the purchase of two kinds of robes, one white and the other maroon. However, the jacuzzi, pool, spa and other facilities provided by them, along with the chance to interact with people from all around the world, is believed to justify this relatively small fee.

For anyone who finds the need to indulge in some retail therapy, the malls in Pune are guaranteed to provide you with a range of options to choose from. If you seek a local shopping experience, you can also visit the TulsiBaug. Located at the heart of the city, the site consists of a shopping market as well as a historic temple. The market contains tiny shops selling everything from women’s clothes and jewellery, to household items and cooking utensils. If you fancy yourself a good bargain, TulsiBaug may be the place for you.

Get your cameras out

Truthfully, all of the places mentioned above provide excellent photo opportunities to photography enthusiasts or anyone who wants to capture the beauty of Pune in the best way possible. Some places, however, are more likely to give you a better view of the city. The Parvati Hill, for instance, provides a panoramic view of Pune. Situated at the top of the hill is the Parvati Temple which was built during the Peshwa dynasty. Photographers can choose when to visit the temple to get the perfect shot but are unlikely to be disappointed regardless of what time they visit.  Vetal hill is another region within the limits of the city, situated at an elevation of 2600 ft, making it the highest point in the town. Looking out from the top of this hill is probably the closest you can come to getting a birds-eye view of Pune.

It is evident, by this long list of attractions, that Pune has something to offer for everyone. While all the places that have been mentioned here are certainly recommended, there are others that you might find just by taking a stroll around the city. After all, the best kind of adventures is those that take you by surprise.

Although Bangalore to Pune flights are regular, you need to book in advance to get the best price.