Tenerife Or Lanzarote Know Which Canary Island is Best for Holidays

If you are planning to spend holidays under the sun enjoying pleasant atmosphere of beaches, then opt for Canary Islands in Spain, the best holiday spot for you. The most suitable feature making the islands different from other islands is that all year around the climate is pleasant. Hence, every year millions of travellers enjoy various entertainment attractions that the Islands have to offer. However, each of the islands has its own unique feature thus before you book your tickets to reach the islands, it will be beneficial to know more about the islands.


It is the largest of the total seven Canary Islands known to be forming the Atlantic Ocean Archipelago. Its capital city Santa Cruz is well acclaimed tourist spot during the months of February and March because of holding the largest carnival of the world.  The island seems to be divided in two parts each having its own airport.

Like any other beach holiday spot, the islands have beautiful coastline with lovely golden beaches, fascinating mountains nearby, par excellent resorts and water sports for the adventurous tourists. The prime difference from other islands is that this vast island is dominated by Mountain Teide, the highest mountain in Spain. Here nestles the famous World Heritage Sites city of San Cristobal de la Laguna and the Teide National park. There are numerous protected regions always welcoming you to visit them.

Tourists loving exciting adventures will want to visit the island often. The island tourism offers water games, clubbing, to explore Canarian villages and have a breath-taking view of the whole island from the cable car while reaching the highest peak of Spain.

Few attractive sites of Tenerife:

  • Siam Park: One of the most visited themed water parks in Costa Adeje. Adjoining is the Lost City having hundreds of exciting games for children.
  • Whale and Dolphin watching tour:  You can watch the beautiful sight on the west coast of Tenerife. You can have visual delight of Turtles, Sharks, Ospreys and Kestrels.
  • Caves of Cueva del Viento: There are multiples of lava formed caves to be explored with tour guide to sight hundreds of fossils, species of insects, amazing formation of lava stalactities and beautiful lava lakes.

To have a great time in any of the Canary Islands, you need to book your tickets in advance. You could visit this website: and book your tickets today. You’ll also get other relevant information about travelling to Tenerife.

Another Canary island most popularly visited throughout the year is Lanzarote.

It has the most fabulous beaches providing you sheltered holidays to enjoy. Its beaches are known for calmness, dark sand, brooding cliffs, attractive rocks and pebbles luring you to search more and the majestic view of the seashore.

Prominent attractions of Lanzarote:

  • Museo Atlantico: It is underwater museum first of its kind in Europe. Anyone having experience of swimming can enjoy the view of sunken sculptures creativity of English sculptor Jason de Caries Taylor. The erring setting surrounding the statues reflects a different awe feeling while fifteen metre under the ocean.
  • Timanfaya National park:  You will be in awe while watching the volcanic mountains that erupted in the 18th century looking colourful as Mars.
  • Drinking spots: In whole of Lanzarote there are hundreds of spots where you can leisure around for a while drinking your favourite beverages along with your family and friends.

You will get taxis, buses and other local transport with ease to move around the islands. Book your rooms in any reputed hotels in advance as Canary Islands are the most popular destination opted by many.