Where guys can party together in New York City

New York City is often branded as the city that never sleeps and it got this new due to the unmatched nightlife which the city offers. The city works hard during the day and parties harder during the night. If you are in town for business and want a venue to party during the night, we have some of the best clubs as options for you.

1. Cielo:

No need to wait for the weekends to party, because now you can party all week long at Cielo which has high energy music system and great Djs, as it is the creation of the owners of Output, which is another popular destination when it comes to shaking your leg. This place allows outside entertainment like belly dances or a service like getting a NYC rent a midget to dress up in costume like an Oompa Loompa Willy Wonka or anything else. The only disadvantage is that you might find a few tourists making their way into the club as well, as it is very famous among the tourists as well. If you want to use the VIP service, just make sure you reserve your place in advance, rather than waiting for last moment.

2. Le Bain:

This is a club to head to if you want to just get mesmerized with the New York city skyline as the club boasts of some very unusual views, which you would not be getting from any of the other clubs. If you look into the interiors, you would find that it drips elegance in each and every aspect ranging from the bar all the way to the bathrooms as well. The only problem is that it is very difficult to get into the nightclub as many celebrities regularly throng the place as well. One of the most unique features of this club is the hot tubs which are directly connected to the dance floor. While there is no compulsory dress code, but if you are not dressed to kill in most of the cases you would be rejected entry.

3. Output:

We mentioned above about output being from the same owners as Cielo. The sound system Funktion One is famous all over the city and draws a lot of music lovers into the club. There is a intimate room as well if you do not want to just shake the leg and just want to relax and enjoy the music. These party rooms are great to get privacy and also great in playing games with the common request midget entertainment or wrestling.
So, when it comes to the night clubs in New York City, it wouldn’t get any better than these 3 but make sure you know how to gain an entry into these clubs.